Sundays at Good Samaritan?

We’ve all walked into church for the first time.

We know it can be intimidating, unfamiliar, and you might worry you’ll stand out. Don’t worry, we are excited to meet you, have people ready to get you (and your kids, if you are bringing any) settled.  We will give you everything you need to follow along and participate in our service. Worship is at the heart of who we are and what we do at Good Samaritan. We worship to give God thanks for everything in our lives. We worship in times of joy and in times of sorrow because we believe God is present at all times and in all places. We worship with our questions and doubts because we find our lives are transformed when we open ourselves to each other and to God’s love and grace. We worship together because the Christian life is meant to be lived in community.


8:00 AM & 10:30 AM on Sundays
Eucharist Worship Services

Eucharist, or Holy Communion, is at the center of our worship. Communion is a simple meal in which we encounter and receive God’s grace in the ordinary things of bread and wine. The table at which we share Communion is Jesus’ table. All are welcome!

Ordinary Time

This fall, during Ordinary Time, our sermon series explores aspects of Walking in Faith. We will consider choices and practices that help us grow in faith, and ways in which choosing faith over certainty helps us participate in the emerging kingdom of God.

Our Adult Formation series will provide opportunities to discuss these topics in more depth.

Sunday Schedule

  • 8:00 am – Sunday Eucharist Service Spoken without Music
  • 9:00 am – Adult Formation (Youth Welcome!)
  • 10:30 am – Sunday Eucharist Service Spoken with Music (downstairs)
  • 10:20 am – Children’s Formation during service

Masks and social distancing are not required, but encouraged. If you would like to sign up to lead in worship, please contact the Church Office.

Christian Formation for All Ages

Along with worship on Sunday mornings, we have opportunities for people of all ages to explore faith and grow in faith. Adult formation activities take place on Sunday mornings in between services (except for during the summer), but we also offer a weekday in-person/online Bible Study, and small groups for women and men. Children’s formation is offered during the Sunday 9:30 AM service, and youth are encouraged to join us in adult formation offerings. Please contact the clergy for more information.


Especially for children and newcomers, the series explores what you may see at church and each item’s purpose.

This is Your Church Video Series

What is Worship Service Like? The Episcopal Tradition

We are an Episcopal Church, which means that we are rooted in an ancient tradition, expressed today in our modern context. Our liturgy—the form and pattern of our worship service—comes from the ancient church and has found new ways of being practiced in every age, including today, and provides space to reflect on life, find peace, and encounter God’s presence. When you arrive, you’ll receive a bulletin with all the prayers, readings, songs for the service, as well as notes about when to do things like stand up (we tend to do that a lot in the Episcopal Church).








on Audio

“Fourth Sunday in Lent” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“Third Sunday in Lent” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“Second Sunday in Lent” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“First Sunday in Lent” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“Ash Wednesday” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“Last Sunday after the Epiphany” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“Second Sunday after the Epiphany” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“First Sunday after the Epiphany” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet

“The Holy Name”

“Christmas Eve” by Mthr. Charissa Bradstreet


Important Milestones of Faith

The ancient Christian practices of Baptism and Confirmation are important milestones for families and participants alike, but they are also deeply spiritual and full of important significance in one’s life of faith. If you are considering either Baptism or Confirmation for yourself or your family member, we’d love to hear from you and discover how we can support you in your Christian journey.


In baptism, we are welcomed into God’s family, the church. Baptism celebrates God’s love and embrace for all people, and proclaims that God’s love is unconditional and absolute. Because of this, Baptism is a sacrament that is only done once in a person’s life. We celebrate Baptism several times throughout the year on major liturgical days, including the Baptism of our Lord (January), Easter Vigil (March/April), and All Saints Sunday (November). Those wishing to be baptized or to explore Baptism for a family member are invited to attend baptismal preparation classes with Good Samaritan clergy. If you would like more information about Baptism or would like to register for an upcoming baptismal preparation class, please contact the Rector at [email protected].


Confirmation is a sacramental rite of passage that strengthens and deepens the life of the baptized. If baptism is the beginning of the Christian life in community, Confirmation is a process of growing more deeply in faith and more closely into the community we call the Church. Confirmation is a part of the Youth Ministry of Good Samaritan and our youth are invited to discern whether Confirmation is right for them. Confirmation is also available to adults who participate in a different process of learning and discerning with the priests at Good Samaritan. If you are interested in confirmation for youth or adults, please contact the Rector at [email protected].


Weddings, or Holy Matrimony, is one of the Sacraments of the Church in which two persons make life-long commitments to each other before God.  Wedding services follow the order of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  If you are interested in getting more information about weddings at Good Samaritan, contact the Rector at [email protected].


Good Samaritan is honored to offer Christian hospitality to those who have lost a loved one to death.  Christians believe that in death life is not ended, but changed.  The clergy and music leadership works with families to choose Scripture readings, hymns, music, and prayers that will honor the deceased, bring comfort to those who grieve, and give glory to Jesus Christ, who is Resurrection and Life.  To arrange a funeral service at Good Samaritan contact the Rector at [email protected].