At Good Samaritan, we believe God created us to experience life in community.

We also believe faith is a life-long journey of growth and discovery. With these two beliefs, we commit ourselves to deep and intentional opportunities for community and connection, and to purposeful opportunities to grow in faith with others. Wherever you are in your journey of faith, whatever stage of life you find yourself in, there are opportunities for you to connect with others and grow in your faith at Good Samaritan. Our faith, however, is not just about us. What we find when we commit ourselves to following Jesus Christ is that we are called to serve others in our community and in the wider world. At Good Samaritan, we take seriously our call as Christians to care for others and invite you to join us and make service a part of your journey of faith.

See below for our ministries. Learn more about opportunities to live out your faith in service to others by visiting our Faith in Action page.

The Priest Discretionary Fund is used by the priest to assist those in need.  Examples of how this fund is used includes, assisting the hungry and homeless, assist a parishioner in times of crisis, emergency and/or extreme financial need.  The monies for the Discretionary Fund come from the generous donations of our parishioners and other anonymous donations of our community.

The Hebrew and Christian Scriptures are clear that God’s people are to welcome “aliens and strangers” who come to live among us.  Jesus explicitly charged his followers to welcome and care for the stranger.  Refugees coming to and through our borders deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and met with generous hospitality.  Our Faith in Action Commission is currently helping this parish support and assist an Afghan refugee family.  Your donations are welcome.

As a part of our social justice work, we partnered with The Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and Friends of Youth and established a scholarship focused on disadvantaged youth of color who are ready to take a step toward advancing their learning and furthering vocational skills.  We have awarded a $3,000 scholarship each semester since our inception in 2021.  Please consider donating to support this scholarship.