Explore The Mystery With Good Sam

The Good Sam community is experiencing the ‘mystery’ of the unknown big time right now: the mystery around who the interim will be, who the new rector will be, what our political outcomes will be, and so many other things that are weighing on our minds. Of course, mystery is more than simply not knowing something or not knowing the future. It is also refers to something whose depth goes beyond knowing and understanding.

In our faith, a major mystery is the nature of God as Trinity –in our limited language “one God in three persons”. We are told and believe that God is love, and love is certainly about relationship. One way of relating to God as Trinity is to think of our relationships of love, of community.

Church – Good Sam – is not just a building, nor is it a rector; it is all of us relating, giving, and sharing of ourselves within our beloved community taking shape within Sammamish. So here is to mystery and the unknown – what a fantastic time to lean into our beloved community, sharing and offering of ourselves, our talents, our time, and our means to be a place where the life of God flows through us and into our world.


Let us know and we’ll pray for you.