Children – Godly Play


Formation Opportunities for Children

Godly Play(Age 4 through 2nd Grade): 10:15-11:00am
We use Godly Play as the curriculum for our Sunday School.
Elementary aged children are invited to join us at 10:15am on Sundays in the downstairs classrooms.
 They will join the congregation at the peace during the 10:30am service.  Come join us! 
Kids’ Club (Grades 3 through 5): 9:15-10:15am
Our new formation offering for this age group will act as a bridge between Godly Play and Youth Group. Using the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum, teachers will walk with students through stories of our faith from the Bible and themes of the church calendar with storytelling and activities.

What is Godly Play?

Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. The Godly Play approach helps them to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience though wonder and play. Based on Montessori principles and developed using a spiral curriculum, the Godly Play method serves children through early, middle and late childhood and beyond.
The Godly Play curriculum engages what is most exciting about religious education: God inviting us into—and pursuing us in the midst of—Scripture and spiritual experience. Godly Play practice teaches us to listen for God and to make authentic and creative responses to God’s call in our lives. Godly Play is a creative, imaginative approach to Christian formation and spiritual guidance. dimensions of belief and faith through wondering and play. (


All staff and volunteers working with children have undergone Safeguarding God’s Children training and are great caretakers of our youngest parishioners.


In Baptism, we as a church community celebrate the momentous and joyous occasion of welcoming a new member of the Body of Christ. The Episcopal Church recognizes and affirms both adult and infant baptism. Infant baptism serves to remind us we can’t have a relationship with God without the help of the community.

There is no such thing as a private baptism in The Episcopal Church. Accordingly, all baptisms take place during public worship. Furthermore, all parents, godparents, and candidates attend a class and rehearsal before a baptism takes place, making sure that the day of the Baptism is as worry-free and meaningful as possible.  Please contact Fr. Steve for more information.


In the Episcopal Church, Baptism is considered to be full and complete initiation into the Body of Christ. Therefore, once someone is baptized, they are eligible to receive Holy Communion. Since we often baptize infants, it is advisable that parents wait until their children are old enough to eat the sacrament and not play with it or throw it away before allowing them to receive Holy Communion. Instruction is also part of our Godly Play program for first through third graders.


The nursery ministry at Good Samaritan is devoted to caring for your little ones on Sunday mornings. Learn more here

Godly Play Sample Lesson