Adult Formation

Sundays in 2022 | 9:15 am (In-Person and on Zoom)

Join us in person or online as we highlight some of the lives of the saints, better known and less known.

Lights in the Darkness

Adult Formation beginning January 9, 9:15am

Ever heard of St. Friard, the patron saint of those who fear wasps? What about St. Vitus, the patron saint of those who oversleep? Saints are persons whom the Church over the centuries have somehow reflected the glory of God, often in times of great cultural and societal darkness. Who is your favorite saint? What does our Episcopal/Anglican tradition teach about the saints? What can we learn from the saints that can help us in our own journey of faith?

For those coming in person, we will meet in the Narthex, or join us via Zoom.

Contact: Fr Steve Danzey