Important Milestones of Faith

The ancient Christian practices of Baptism and Confirmation are important milestones for families and participants alike, but they are also deeply spiritual and full of important significance in one’s life of faith. If you are considering either Baptism or Confirmation for yourself or your family member, we’d love to hear from you and discover how we can support you in your Christian journey.


In baptism, we are welcomed into God’s family, the church. Baptism celebrates God’s love and embrace for all people, and proclaims that God’s love is unconditional and absolute. Because of this, Baptism is a sacrament that is only done once in a person’s life. We celebrate Baptism several times throughout the year on major liturgical days, including the Baptism of our Lord (January), Easter Vigil (March/April), and All Saints Sunday (November). Those wishing to be baptized or to explore Baptism for a family member are invited to attend baptismal preparation classes with Good Samaritan clergy. If you would like more information about Baptism or would like to register for an upcoming baptismal preparation class, please contact The Rev. Steve Danzey.


Confirmation is a sacramental rite of passage that strengthens and deepens the life of the baptized. If baptism is the beginning of the Christian life in community, Confirmation is a process of growing more deeply in faith and more closely into the community we call the Church. Confirmation is a part of the Youth Ministry of Good Samaritan and our youth are invited to discern whether Confirmation is right for them. Confirmation is also available to adults who participate in a different process of learning and discerning with the priests at Good Samaritan. If you are interested in confirmation for youth or adults, contact The Rev. Steve Danzey.