Putting Faith into Action

More than anything, Jesus taught us to love—love God wholeheartedly and love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus was especially concerned with the poor, the marginalized, the troubled, and the oppressed, and taught us that whenever we serve them we are serving Christ himself. The people of Good Samaritan serve the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the community and the world through local initiatives and by supporting financially other faith-based and Episcopal/Anglican organizations.
For more information, contact the Rev. Dr. Steve Danzey.

Faith in Action Commission

The Faith in Action Commission of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church exists to encourage and engage our members to serve others who are in physical, emotional, or spiritual need. We do this by 1) discerning the needs of our community, region, and world and their underlying causes; 2) informing our congregation about those needs and issues, and 3) engaging members to be actively involved in meeting those needs. The Faith in Action Commission has identified four new focus areas of service and outreach for the 2019-2020 program year.
Our weekday preschool serves over 70 children and 60+ families. Most of the families served do not attend worship services at Good Samaritan, but we believe there exists a great opportunity to serve and engage with the children and parents of our preschool. Opportunities for engagement with the school include Blessing of the Preschool Staff and Students on September 8, Trunk or Treat in October, Carols and Cookies in December, and help with leading preschool chapel. Other possibilities include a multi-cultural fair, back to school breakfast, and a field day, all sponsored by the parish.
The Human Services Commission of the City of Sammamish recently conducted a study in which anxiety and depression have been identified as a major health issues in our community. The FIA Commission wants to offer mental wellness resources and support to our parish and the surrounding community. This group is exploring a partnership with the local YMCA and other faith communities in Sammamish to launch a mentoring program for high school students. We also hope to offer an event series or forums dealing with stress for pre-teens, teens, and parents. The group is also working with our Communications Director to set up a page of resources on our website.
We believe it is the work of the Church to engage in the work of reconciliation and build bridges between different races and cultures. La Iglesia Episcopal de la Resurrección in Mt. Vernon serves a predominantly Hispanic and migrant worker congregation in the Skagit Valley. By worshiping together, participating in cultural events, and listening to their stories, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of how we can build a sustainable relationship and serve the people of the Skagit Valley together. Opportunities to participate will include a Sunday visit to Resurrección for worship in the fall, participating in their celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadelupe on December 12, and exploring how to support the day camp their parish operates during the summer for the children of migrant workers.
Every Sunday we affirm that we belong to the Universal Church and the Communion of Saints, which means essentially that we here at Good Samaritan are part of what God is doing all over our world. We believe that global awareness broadens our horizons, opens our minds, and, in this particular case, helps us better understand the conditions and policies that have led so many to flee their countries and seek asylum in the United States. This group is planning a mission trip to Guatemala, possibly in the spring of 2020, to serve with Safe Passage and Fr. Brian (our former curate) in Guatemala City. An informational meeting is being planned for November.
These four areas of service were chosen not because there aren’t other equally valuable outreach opportunities, but because of existing relationships that could be strengthened or built upon. These focus areas also allow us the opportunity to best leverage our resources to match needs in our own parish and the community.
Issaquah Meals
On the second Saturday of each month we join together and provide dinner for those in need. Participants help cook in the Good Samaritan kitchen at 2 pm and/or serve the meal at 5 pm at the Issaquah Community Hall in the Fire & Rescue Station 71 building. For more information about or to join our Issaquah Meals team, contact Steve Angelo.