Children’s Formation

At Good Samaritan, we believe our children have as much to teach us about God as we have to teach them. Children’s unashamed questioning, their unbounded joy, and their relentless love give us a glimpse of the life God desires for us all. And yet, as adults and as a Christian community, we recognize our responsibility to provide intentional opportunities for our children to learn about and grow in faith. Our children’s ministry seeks to support parents as the primary spiritual leaders for their children, find intentional ways to build relationships, and share the Christian story in a way that provides a foundation for our children to be life-long followers of Jesus Christ.

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Sunday Morning Formation (not currently meeting)

Sundays at 10:15 am, downstairs classrooms

Sunday mornings at Good Samaritan offer opportunities for children to explore and experience the Christian faith through a variety of activities. Our Sunday morning formation program follows a rotation of activities that allow children visiting for the first time or who do not attend consistently to jump right in and fully participate. Descriptions of our rotation activities is below.
  • Faith in Action: These Sundays focus on living out our faith in service to others through a simple service project to address a need either within our congregation or out in the world.
  • Faith Activities: These Sundays use the family formation resource, The Constant Source, to explore an assigned passage from the lectionary (our cycle of Bible readings used in our Sunday services) with an engaging game or activity. Children and parents will hear the same readings on Sunday morning, giving families an opportunity to discuss the ways they make meaning of our Bible stories.
  • Faith Foundations: On these Sundays we will focus on Bible stories and/or Episcopal tradition—the foundations of our faith in Jesus as we express it in the Episcopal Church—using the Godly Play model.
  • Faith in Community: Recognizing that our children are part of a larger faith community, certain Sundays will focus corporate worship. Children age 4 and up will be in church with intentional activities in the children’s corner of our Sanctuary and a children’s sermon.

Family Formation Resource

We are excited to offer a free resource to parents and families to discuss and practice faith at home! The Constant Source is a weekly devotional based on the lectionary (our cycle of Bible readings used in our Sunday services) to help parents grow in their faith and relationship with God. The Constant Source includes easy-to-do, age-appropriate, and engaging activities for families to do together to explore and grow in faith together. Sign up for The Constant Source here.

For more information about our children’s ministry, or to ask questions, contact Lisa Treadway.