Adult Formation

Sunday Mornings | 9:00 a.m.

Adult Formation meets weekly from 9-10am except during the summer. We cover various topics from bible study to how to pray and more. Topics change weekly and often follow a theme for liturgical seasons.

Welcoming the Power of Easter into the Difficulty of Division

There are so many examples in our country, and in the world, of divisiveness and conflict.  We live in a complex world where we cannot possibly all agree on a variety of issues, or fully know and understand the experiences of others.  However, in the midst of these challenges, the Church is called to follow Christ into the work of reconciliation and restoration, into discomfort on behalf of deepening and strengthening relationships.

We are currently following a five-week series of a course that comes out of the Church of England’s Reconciliation Ministry.  We’ll seek to draw on this content as we build our own skills as peacemakers and reconcilers on behalf of a just and flourishing society.  The course centers around current stories, stories of Jesus, and sharing and reflection from our own experience.

Schedule of topics:  
April 16: God’s Call to Reconciliation
April 23: Crossing Divides
April 30: Navigating Disagreement
May 7: Practicing Forgiveness
May 14: Risking Hope

I hope you can join me!

With Affection,
Mthr Charissa+