Worship Ministries


“But God has combined the members of the body and has given greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.” I Corinthians 12:24-25


The Apostle Paul teaches us that, as the body of Christ, we are made up of many parts. Each part has a function and each function is indispensable. Certain parts, however, are less obvious than other parts. In our bodies, we don’t see our kidneys, but they perform an essential function. The same thing is true in our church body. Certain roles of the church often go unnoticed but are essential.


By assisting the clergy as Acolytes and Servers during the 10:00 am service, young people can learn more about our worship, liturgy, and sacraments. They have a valuable role in every service and learn respect and responsibility along the way.

Altar Guild

Altar Guild members are behind-the-scenes service assistants, committed to the ministry of preparing and adorning the altar and church for our worship services which are the heart of our parish life. The Altar Guild is responsible for the care of all the altars including the altar linens, vessels for communion and the vestments of the clergy and flower arranging.


Eucharistic Visitors

Good Samaritan assigns lay visitors to serve specific home-bound members. These individuals go wherever they are needed – to people’s homes, to hospitals, and to nursing homes. Lay visitors also offer Communion to any friends and family of the recipient who might be there as well. 

These ministers of Christ’s love play a crucial role in Good Samaritan’s parish life, and have offered comfort to those who may need it the most.



Ushers have an important role in the life of Good Samaritan as greeters, offertory assistants, and guides.

The most important duty of ushers is to bid a warm welcome to those coming to Good Samaritan, especially newcomers. An usher is often the first person a newcomer meets, and therefore it is especially important to be interested, helpful, and caring. 

The basic duties of the usher include greeting people before the service at the main entrance, providing people with bulletins and assisting them with seating, taking up the collection at the Offertory, and releasing people in the pews to go up to the altar for Communion.
After the service is over, the ushers also collect the offertory and act as counters for the church offertory. Training is available for this position.


Coffee Hour is hosted by church families on a rotating basis. Your help would be most welcome! Hosts make coffee (supplied by the church), provide cookies, coffee cake or something similar, cream, and their time on the scheduled Sunday morning. Detailed information is provided to hosts well in advance.

Eucharistic Ministers

As Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs), adult parishioners assist the clergy by helping administer communion. LEMs serve in pairs and assist at communion by administering the chalice (the cup of wine).


A lay lector is assigned each week to read the appointed lessons for the day from the New Testament. Lectors do not vest, and they are seated among the congregation. At the time of the reading, they come forward to the lectern, announce the lesson and deliver the message in a way that the Word of God may be heard and understood by the people.


Nursery Care is provided for children birth and older on Sunday Mornings from 9:00am until the 10:30am service ends. Our nursery is staffed with one paid staff member and one volunteer.

All staff and volunteers in the nursery have undergone Safeguarding God’s Children training and are great caretakers of our youngest parishioners.


Sound Team

Each week, a member of the sound team is hard at work in the back to make sure that everything that is done in the service is heard by all. Running the sound system is not just a matter of turning knobs and pushing buttons; rather, it is an art that takes talent and experience to do well. And when it is done well, it goes unnoticed, because the attention is focused on what is happening up front.  The members of the sound team perform an essential function of our weekly service. Without them, every aspect of our service would be diminished.

Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders are licensed by the Diocese to officiate at the Daily Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer, Compline, or other special services at which a priest is not required. They also assist the priest at services of Holy Eucharist at Good Samaritan in various ways: reading the First Lesson, leading the Psalm (if not being chanted) and the Prayers of the People. Worship Leaders also assist the priest at the altar during Holy Eucharist. Worship Leaders also help administer the chalices during the distribution of the elements at Communion.

Some training is necessary before one can be licensed by the Diocese, but serving as Worship Leader is a rewarding ministry and we encourage anyone who feels such an inclination to please talk to Fr. Steve.