Stewardship Team

The mission of the Stewardship Team is to educate and inspire the Body of Christ at Good Samaritan to share generously of their time, talent, and treasure. The team will work with the Rector and Vestry to formulate a year-round stewardship education program, and will plan the annual stewardship (pledge) emphasis that occurs in the fall.
Joe O’Neil serves as the chair.
We believe that those who make a financial contribution to the church are making a statement about their faith – that they are returning a portion of what God has already provided for them, and that they trust that God and the church will care for them. 

Good Samaritan has an annual stewardship campaign, usually in the fall of each year.  During that time, parishioners have the opportunity to pray about, and make their annual pledge to the church.  Although we place emphasis on pledging during the stewardship campaign, members can pledge at any time by completing the pledge card here or requesting a pledge card from the office to complete and return.  All contributions made to the church are tax deductible, and those who pledge receive an annual “record of giving.”

We also take special offerings at Christmas and Easter.  These offerings usually fund a large portion of our outreach to the larger world.  We help to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and provide shelter for the homeless.”

You may donate now or anytime by either giving online, sending a check in the mail or simply contributing to the plate during the service.  

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Please consider making your pledge automatic. Click on the Online Giving button to do so now. Thank you and God Bless.

Please consider making your pledge automatic. Click on the Online Giving button to do so now. Thank you and  God Bless.


Time and Talent – Volunteer

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 Treasure – Tithe

Please consider making your pledge automatic. Click on the Online Giving button to do so now. Thank you and God Bless.


Fully Alive! Living Life Together – Stewardship Emphasis

Jesus told his disciples, “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better than they ever dreamed of.” (John 10:10, The Message) In his teachings and actions, Jesus showed his first followers and us what it means to be a human being fully alive. Jesus sought to bring the reality of Kingdom life to bear upon every area of life—physical, emotion, social, and spiritual. He spoke a lot about the glory of God being revealed not only in his own person, but in those who follow him, as well. The second century bishop Irenaeus once said, “The glory of God is the human being fully alive.” The church’s mission is to continue bringing that message to the world, and in its life as a community show the world what it means to be “fully alive.”

On October 9, Good Samaritan will launch its annual stewardship emphasis. Stewardship in the economy of God’s reign is about the total person—how we view and manage our time, money, relationships, abilities, skills, and experiences. In the life of the church, it’s about how we as a community pool, manage, and celebrate the gifts God has given us. In the end, it’s all about living into and extending the ministry of Jesus—becoming human beings drawn together in community to be a people fully alive.

From October 9 until November 13, we’ll explore together in testimonies from parishioners, sermons, prayers, and fellowship events how God might be calling us to be a parish and individual members to be more fully alive than ever. I ask that you join me every Sunday, and especially on October 29, to celebrate God’s goodness to us and pursue together how we can be more fully open to the life of God.

With great expectation,

Fr. Steve+

Time, Talent & Treasure – Stewardship Message

Maintaining Our Church Grounds


There are many ways to worship God. Simply by showing up on Sunday mornings we are offering ourselves — our bodies, hearts, and minds — to God to use, inspire, and transform as he deems best.  We may not think of putting money or a check in the offering plate as an act of worship.  We may not think of volunteering at church to host coffee hour or maintaining the church property as acts of worshiping God, but they most certainly are. 

Currently our church is struggling to find volunteers to maintain our grounds.  The facilities and finance committees, and the vestry, have been discussing ways to maintain the church grounds while staying within the current operating budget.  Considering that we have a large property to maintain, difficulty in finding volunteers to do the work on a consistent basis, and the current budget does not provide monies for a maintenance service, the vestry has recommended that a maintenance service be engaged through the 2017 “growing season” and that the monies for this service be raised from individuals and families within the parish who can give as they feel led.   (Funding for grounds maintenance in the future would be a part of the budget planning process each year.)   Several families and individuals have stepped forward to give over and above their pledge to the maintenance of our grounds this year.  Weekly maintenance will cost $100 and to date many of the 16 weeks have been paid for. 

If you would like to contribute toward this project by signing up to fund for one or more weeks, please go to our Online Giving page or place a donation using the offering envelopes in the pews in the collection basket on Sunday.  In the memo line of the online contribution or your check, please put “grounds maintenance.”   Volunteers will still be welcome to help with planting, weeding the flower beds, keeping the parking lot clean, and other maintenance projects.  You’ll be hearing more from the facilities team soon!  Should you have questions, please contact Jeffrey Beaver, Mark Johnson, or Carol Stamper.