What Is the Narrative Installation?

Holy Week—the time starting on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter—is a week like no other. In this short week, we journey from the height of expectation, to the depths of loss, and into unfathomable joy. Fully entering into the journey of Holy Week, being present to all of the meaning, allows us to see our own lives clearly and encounter the depth of God’s love and presence in all the experiences of life. We hope you’ll join us for all of our Holy Week services as they are rich and beautiful liturgies.

New this year, we will be hosting a Narrative Holy Week Installation that gives an opportunity to explore the symbolism and meaning of Holy Week through creative and experiential activity. With prayer and meditation stations for each day of Holy Week, we’ll encounter Holy Week in new and powerful ways and discover the ways our own lives connect to this week as well. Come prepared for quiet, for candlelight, for new ways of seeing ancient practice, and for transformation as we encounter God’s love.


Fr. Brian+