A History of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church


Good Sam Clear Background

A History of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, Sammamish, Washington


The Rev. Dr. C. Steve Danzey, Rector, 2015-present

The Reverend Doctor Steve Danzey has been a pastor for almost 30 years in Alabama, Texas and most recently Chicago.  He began his new ministry at Good Samaritan on June 14, 2015.
Phone:  425-868-2123

Good Samaritan School 

In 2013 upon the adoption by the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia of new school standards which require Worship and Religious Education in all Episcopal Schools, the name of the preschool was changed to Good Samaritan Episcopal School and an advisory committee was formed. We offer Half Day, Full Day, and Before and After School Programs. We serve children who are 2-5 years old. Our flexible schedule allows you to enroll your child for the days and hours that work best for your family.  Small class sizes.  Great Rates.  Loving Staff committed to educating the whole child. Consistent with the values of the Episcopal Church, we welcome all children regardless of race, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.  All are welcome. The school offers full and part time preschool.  To schedule a tour or learn more please visit the school’s website www.goodsamschool.com.
Phone:  425-868-9544

The Rev. Dr. Suzi Robertson, Vicar 2009-2014
and First Rector, 2014-2015

10775_10151314215215168_1950507647_nAs Good Samaritan began its twentieth year on October 4, the Rev. Dr. Suzi Robertson began her ministry with the congregation as its fifth vicar. During Dr. Robertson’s tenure, Good Samaritan continued its good works, adopted Godly Play as our Sunday School curriculum, celebrated our 25th Anniversary, and officially became a Parish in 2014. In addition many Liturgical Art projects beautified the church including the mosaic Stations of the Cross, the abstract mosaic glass resurrection scene on the reredos behind the altar, a Japanese Bell symbolizing peace which is rang to begin our services, brass candlesticks, new and refurbished altar communionware, new vestments, new glass altar and credence table and six nave Saint banners. In addition, a third evening worship service was added to target teenagers and those who would want to attend a Eucharistic service on Sunday evening. This 30 minute service includes Eucharist, an offering and a candlelight blessing. In January 2015, the Rev. Dr. Suzi Robertson retired to her hometown in Texas. 

In the fall of 2013, Fr. Fred Jessett announced his second retirement from Good Samaritan, and the Vicar Emeritus preached his last Sunday on September 29, the 23rd anniversary of the church.

A Time of Transition 2006-2009

The Rev. David Marshall served at vicar of Good Samaritan from July 2006 through October 2007. For a period of almost six months from November 2007 until April 2008 Good Samaritan was served only by Sunday supply clergy.

Starting on Easter 2008 the Rev. Canon Curt Zimmerman was assigned by Bishop Rickel as Canon Missioner to Good Samaritan. In August of 2009 he retired and Bishop Rickel announced that the Rev. Suzi Robertson, who had been interviewed by Good Samaritan’s Bishop’s Committee, would become the vicar starting on October 1.

The Rev. Jane Maynard, Priest-in-Charge, 2004-2006

When Anne Barton left, the diocese assigned the Rev. Jane Maynard as priest-in-charge and the Rev. Jerry Garman as deacon. During Pastor Jane’s tenure, the church purchased the seating for the sanctuary.

Creative Kids Preschool

In 2004, the Creative Kids Preschool began renting space on our lower level for a preschool. There had been recognition ever since planning for the Church had begun that a preschool program could be a very important ministry.  To receive a fully formed program seemed to be a true gift of grace.  

The Rev. Anne Barton, Vicar 2002-2004

In the fall of 2002, the Rev. Anne Barton became the new vicar. Rev. Anne began a two service schedule with Holy Eucharist at 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. The 8:00 AM service alternated Rites I and II and a Celtic rite Pastor Anne had found. The 10:00 AM service continued with music and choir. Pastor Anne also led Good Samaritan in funding and building classrooms in the basement of the church which are used for Sunday School and our preschool.

church 2Home At Last! 2002

At 4:15 PM on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 the City of Sammamish signed off on a temporary occupancy permit for our building. At 7:00 PM Bishop Warner arrived with members of his staff to consecrate the building. The church was packed for the service.

Fr. Woody Peabody, Vicar, 1998-2002

The Rev. Woody Peabody became vicar on January 16, 1998 with Fr. Fred remaining as our volunteer Vicar Emeritus. This unusual arrangement succeeded because of the unique gifts and experience of each priest. Fr. Woody’s mission was to build our church building. He worked with the parishioners, diocese, architects, builders and city to build and finance our new church building. Woody’s second challenge was to bring the church to full self-support which was done right on schedule in 1999 with a budget of $130,000. With his mission fulfilled, Fr. Woody retired in the fall of 2002.

Lutheran Bible Institute AKA Trinity Lutheran College, 1996-2002

October 7, 1996 Good Samaritan began worship and Sunday school in the big beautiful chapel and classrooms at the Lutheran Bible Institute. In 1997 the Building Committee was reorganized and began to move ahead with new energy, making good use of the work already done. Jim Hutchins volunteered to lead this renewed effort. In the fall of 1997 the Bishop’s Committee contracted with the architectural firm of Broweleit Peterson to begin planning a building. In 1998, at age 64, Fr. Fred Jessett retired.

The Christa McAuliffe years 1990-1996

The first public service was held on September 29, 1990 at Christa McAuliffe Elementary School. Participation in worship by all was a strong value of the congregation. It was a symbol of the active role that all baptized members were asked to take in all areas of congregational life. By January 1, 1991 we had 104 members in good standing. A building committee was organized in the fall of 1991 and began preliminary planning for our church building. During these years the church also began many of the core missions of the church: Sunday School, Youth Group, Altar Guild, Choir and Community Outreach. After six years at Christa McAuliffe School, the Sunday average attendance grew from 84 in 1991 to 133 in 1996 and we had 270 baptized members.

Preparation, 1989

In August of 1989 the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia called the Rev. Frederick Jessett to form a new Episcopal church in Sammamish, WA. The Diocese purchased property for the church on 244th Ave NE near 17th Street NE. In February 1990 Fr. Fred began calling door to door, eventually ringing 1,268 doorbells and other volunteers rang an additional 570 doorbells. During this time services were held in people’s homes. In the summer of 1989 a core group of parishioners in conjunction with the Diocese settled on the name Good Samaritan on August 20, 1989.