Introduction from Dent Davidson

Dear friends old and new, 
I write to share my joy and anticipation as I prepare to join you next week for worship on the first Sunday of Lent. 
Some of you will know that I am a son of the Diocese of Olympia, and have spent most of my ministry in this area, having served at St. Thomas, Medina; Trinity, Seattle; and St. Mark’s Cathedral from 1976 – 2008.
I am also no stranger to Good Sam, having met with your leadership decades ago to talk about music as your congregation was forming. And then bringing the choir from St. Thomas to sing at one of your early-on Sundays, when you were meeting at Christa McAuliffe School. 
Currently I serve the Diocese of Chicago as Missioner for Arts and Liturgy. It’s a wonderful and challenging vocation that has me traveling around the diocese and the nation, working with congregations on creative, vital worship. Much of that is done through God’s gift of Song – something we all have! It is abundantly clear that I am not done with this calling. It is my passion. And it is partially what forms a vision of what we might all bring to life together here in Sammamish. What would it look and sound like if we were a congregation that was able to sing its faith with renewed energy and abandon? How might Good Sam be uniquely poised to be a place and a people that mentor and prepare young people to become Leaders of Song for the Church? These are only two questions that we’ve been considering, and we are excited at the possibilities. 
Father Steve and I know each other well, and are looking forward to seeing how the Holy Spirit will invigorate us all for the work of the Church. He and Katy and I have already had a spirited planning session online…something we will do plenty of when I arrive next week and beyond. I am confident of a bright, creative future.
I will be with you all again for Holy Week, a weekend in April, and in May we will hold a workshop, and then celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. As the year goes on I will be spending more and more time here as I modify my calendar and obligations in Chicago and around the country. 
I look forward to meeting you all next week, and to making some amazing music together then, and for many years to come! 
Many blessings, 
Dent Davidson