I Will, With God’s Help

On the first Sunday of January, we will start the year off with a new formation series called “I Will, with God’s Help,” in which we will explore the Baptismal Covenant of the Episcopal Church. The curriculum we’re using is geared toward adults going through confirmation, but we would like to invite all members of Good Samaritan to participate in this formation series. Why? Because every once in a while it’s important to go back to the basics and refresh our knowledge of the foundations of our faith. This series is designed, too, for anyone wanting to learn more about the Episcopal Church.
Beyond the spiritual benefit of taking this class, there are practical benefits as well. On February 10, Bishop Greg Rickel will be visiting Good Samaritan to preach and also to receive new members of the Episcopal Church and baptize new believers as part of the service. The “I Will, with God’s Help” series serves as preparation for these important events. Below is a description of the actions you can choose to take when the Bishop comes.


Confirmation is public, reaffirmation of Christian identity and commitment to the way of Christ and the life and worship of the Episcopal Church. It is a Sacrament in which the bishop, laying his hands on the person being confirmed, prays for God’s strength and power for service.


The bishop receives into the Episcopal Church those who have already been confirmed in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical Lutheran Church or other Christian traditions in the apostolic succession. If you have questions, contact Fr. Steve.

Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows

A way for those who have been confirmed to renew their commitment to Christ and recommit themselves to the responsibilities of their Baptism.

Membership at Good Samaritan

Membership in this parish is open to anyone seeking to make a more formal commitment to the life and ministry of this faith community. Members of other Episcopal parishes can ask to have their membership transferred to Good Samaritan. If you have questions about any of these, CONTACT The Rev. Dr. Steve Danzey

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